Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: At $1.02 resistance.

On 19 January, I mentioned that if sentiments remain bullish, we could possibly see resistance at $1.02 for the REIT's unit price tested. My overnight sell orders at $1.015 and $1.02 were filled today.

Could the REIT's unit price push higher? It could but anyone thinking of buying into the REIT now might want to bear in mind that the REIT goes XD on 3 February and we could possibly see the

First REIT: Partial divestment at 76.5c.

First REIT never did test 80c after it went CD. The highest it touched was 78.5c. This morning, after it went XD, its unit price declined to a low of 76c.

I made a decision to divest units which I accumulated at 76.5c and 77c earlier last month in January. I managed to sell at 76.5c as 77c could once again assert itself as the immediate resistance.

Overall, I still make a gain as I would

Cambridge Industrial Trust: 4Q FY2011.

Unit price of Cambridge Industrial Trust has been creeping upwards, probably in anticipation of the Trust going CD.

Total assets under management exceed $1b with recent revaluation of properties. This resulted in a lower gearing level apart from boosting NTA/unit to 62c. Year on year, gearing ratio has fallen from 34.7% to 33.1%. The REIT has no borrowings due until June 2014.


Sabana REIT: Target BUY prices.

A reader mentioned that Sabana REIT's unit price has weakened to 88c after going XD. A further weakening in price could be an opportunity to accumulate. I have the same thought. After all, I divested a small portion of my investment in the REIT at 90c and 91c as its unit price rose in the last couple of weeks.

Question: What would be my target buy prices? Prices? Yes, I see stronger supports

Friday, January 27, 2012

Capitaland: Pushing higher on lower volume.

Capitaland's share price touched a high of $2.66 and closed at $2.65. Remember that I mentioned that in very bullish circumstances we could see $2.65 or even $2.75 tested? This is still valid.

I did a partial divestment at $2.65 today. If the following week should see price pushing higher, I would be happy to divest once more. $2.75? It could happen although I see the declining 200dMA now at

Thursday, January 26, 2012

First REIT: FY2011 results.

DPU for 4Q 2011 is 1.93c which is another bumper distribution! The REIT will go XD on 1 February and the income distribution is payable on 29 February.

This includes distribution coming out of a portion of the total gains on divestment of the Adam Road property of about S$8.7 million.

Without such a return of capital, the DPU for 4Q 2011 is 1.61c. Annualised DPU is, therefore, estimated to be

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LMIR: Partial divestment at 38c.

Anyone who made use of LMIR's rights issue to accumulate more units would be in the money now.

I see immediate resistance for LMIR's unit price at 38c and put in an overnight sell order for a partial divestment. It was filled today as unit price closed at 38.5c.

Fibo lines seem to suggest that in case of a retracement, we could see strong support at 34.5c. That is quite a bit to fall from 

Sabana REIT: Partial divestment at 91c.

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that immediate resistance for Sabana REIT is to be found at 91c. If this were to be taken out, we could see gap filling at 91.5c.

My sell order at 91c was filled today. Technically, if unit price should weaken when the REIT goes XD, we could see a decline to retest support which seems to be on a rising trendline. This would be in the region of 87c. That is

Monday, January 23, 2012

Towards a modern day good life.

We have our own circumstances which make demands on our finances, time and energy. Often, we hear people saying that they do not have enough money, time or energy to do all the things they have to do or want to do. How do we work towards having the money, time and energy to have a modern day good life?


How much something costs is quantifiable, of course. Although people might find

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tea with AK71: 2012 Year of the Dragon.

Lucky 4D number: 2301HUAT AH!

Photo taken in a shrine on the island of Enoshima, Japan. See blog post: here.

What's your Chinese astrology sign? How will each sign do in the Year of the Dragon?

Part 1

Part 2

I like this song. It has a message. Always look on the bright side and be happy in 2012 Year of the Dragon!

Wishing all readers good health and plenty of wealth in 2012 Year of the

Sabana REIT: 4Q 2011 results.

A DPU of 2.17c has been announced. This is a little lesser than my estimate of 2.2c. This is probably due to the fact that no rentals were collected for the property of 1 Tuas Avenue 4 in the months of November and December 2011. The manager is in advanced stage of negotiation with a party to rent the said property for a 10 year period. This, when completed, together with recent acquisitions

Thursday, January 19, 2012

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: 3Q FY2012.

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT delivered a solid set of results with DPU at 2.6c. This is a 4% increase over the previous quarter.

As I was expecting a DPU of 2.5c with a possibility of a small reduction, this is good news indeed. It will go XD on 3 Feb and is payable on 20 Mar.

Upon completion of sale of 31 Admiralty Road for $16.438m, the REIT's gearing would drop to 29.4%. The REIT had

FSL Trust: Reduced DPU to US0.10c.

Mr. Market is showing displeasure with FSL Trust's decision to reduce quarterly DPU from 0.95c to 0.1c. Its price has plunged more than 20% from the closing of 30c yesterday to 23c when I last looked.

Assuming an exchange rate of US$1 to S$1.30, the annualised distribution yield is about 2.2% per annum based on a unit price of 23c. Better than fixed deposit rates but as an investment, it is

Cache Logistics Trust: 4Q and FY2011 results.

Cache Logistics Trust announced a good set of results.

Its recent acquisitions pushed distributable income upwards by some 9.2% while DPU increased to 2.1c. Annualised, distribution yield is 8.48% with unit price at 99c.

Net gearing: 29.6%.
NAV per unit: 91c.
Interest cover ratio: 8.0x

The CEO, Daniel Cerf, said that although new supply in warehouse space could come on board in late 2012

Capitaland: Partial divestment at $2.48.

Just two days ago, on 17 January, I said that I see resistance at $2.48. I got this from the weekly chart as that was resistance provided by the declining 20wMA and the 138.2% Fibo line.

So, I put in an overnight sell order at $2.48 and it was filled later in the session today.

In very bullish circumstances, we could see $2.50 and $2.53 taken out with ease. With the formation of a long white

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: Partial divestment.

Tomorrow will see the release of quarterly results for AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT. As if in anticipation of a good set of numbers, its unit price pushed higher today on higher volume, closing at $1.00.

Last month, I accumulated units of the REIT at 93.5c, 94c and 95c. Why did I buy? At those prices, the REIT was very undervalued. Indeed, I was waiting to accumulate at 92c too but the

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea with AK71: Another loaf of bread.

I blogged about how a loaf of bread could last me for days before. I like raisin bread the most and would usually buy when there is a special deal. Gardenia's raisin bread had a special deal going for a while but ended a couple of weeks ago.

On Sunday, I bought a loaf of softmeal bread from Sunshine. Usual price: $2.30. Special offer: $1.95.

Today, I finished the last few slices and had the

ARA: Divestment at $1.30 and $1.32.

I have been entering overnight sell orders for ARA at $1.30 since early this month. $1.30 was the price I last sold some ARA at. As I noticed some strength in the upward movement in price, I also put in a sell order at $1.32 last night. Both sell orders at $1.30 and $1.32 were filled today.

Price touched a high of $1.33 today before closing at $1.315. Volume was relatively low compared to 3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CapitaMalls Asia: Overcame resistance.

CapitaMalls Asia is rising and stronger than Capitaland too.

Its share price overcame resistance provided by the 20wMA.

Resistance provided by the 138.2% Fibo line at $1.32 is the one to watch now. Could we see a retest of $1.40, the high touched in early November 2011?

The 20wMA could be resistance turned support in the event of a weakening in price. This is at approximately $1.26.

Capitaland: Resistance at $2.48.

Capitaland is on the rise.

I see resistance at $2.48. This is provided by the moderately declining 20wMA as well as the 138.2% Fibo line.

Beyond $2.48, resistance is provided by the 150% and 161.8% Fibo lines at $2.50 and $2.53 respectively.

In case of a retracement, we could see a test of the 50% Fibo line at $2.30 or the 38.2% Fibo line at $2.27.

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Capitaland: 20wMA, the

Hyflux: Divestment as gap closed at $1.365.

My sell order at $1.365 was filled today. This is the gap filling I talked about before. Could price move higher in the next session? It could, of course.

However, the upper wick in today's white candle as price touched a high of $1.37 before closing at $1.35 suggests that selling pressure is very much present. Moving higher on lower volume compared to two sessions ago is also a sign of

Courage Marine: BDI plunging.

Yesterday's Business Times reported that the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) fell to an 11 month low. Today, it fell another 3.799% to 1,013.

The decline is attributed to a worsening glut of ships. Rates are now below operating costs in the Pacific Ocean.

Capesizes, the largest dry bulk carriers cost US$7,437 a day to operate (excluding fuel). However, rates on round trip voyages in the Pacific fell

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tea with AK71: A lunch of barley and winter melon.

I have blogged about how I would boil barley water and later eat the barley for a meal as well. Today, I brought to work a container of barley and winter melon strips drenched in soya bean milk.

My sister boiled barley water over the weekend and she was going to throw away the barley and winter melon strips. I asked her to keep them for me in a container so that I could bring to work for lunch.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew on the eurozone crisis.

I just received the latest copy of Alumnus in the mail and on page 4 is a one page write up on what Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said during LKY School of Public Policy's 7th Anniversary. He said something about the eurozone which got me interested enough to search for more details online.

The one liner that got me interested was: "Mr. Lee thinks European leaders will try very hard to prevent the collapse

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sabana REIT and AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: Releasing quarterly results on 20 January 2012.

Both Sabana REIT and AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT will be releasing quarterly financial results on 20 January 2012.

Sabana REIT: see announcement here.

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: see announcement here.

Sabana REIT has completed a few acquisitions in the last quarter. However, I think their contributions to distributable income will be more substantial in the current quarter. This

Kaplan Higher Education Institute

Kaplan Higher Education Institute, one of the preferred private education institutions in Singapore, partners Northumbria University from the UK.

Northumbria University is one of the largest and most comprehensive UK education providers in Asia.

This partnership brings to Singapore a wide variety of Direct Honours and Masters programmes. These programmes are mainly assignment based and can be

First REIT: Resistance and supports.

First REIT has been very resilient. It is probably one of the better performers in my portfolio as well. A great investment for income.

However, investing for income does not mean that we cannot trade S-REITs from time to time especially if they remain range bound and somewhat predictable.

In the case of First REIT, if we look at the weekly chart, it is caught between the 50w and the 20w MAs

SMRT: Downtrend intact.

Technically speaking, SMRT doesn't look good and I am not referring to its trains stalling. OK, bad joke.

Lower high and lower low in price are accompanied by a lower high and lower low in the MACD which is in negative territory. The downtrending MFI suggests reduced demand as the 50% line acted as resistance.

However, forming a doji provides some encouragement for long holders. The doji 

Hyflux: Retest of recent high.

Resistance at $1.28 gave way today as price retested the recent high of $1.35. Volume was relatively high. This translates into a higher probability of price pushing higher in the next session. Remember that volume is the fuel that drives rallies.

MACD continues to rise in positive territory. Buying momentum is still positive and strengthening. The MFI continues to rise after bouncing off 50%

Thursday, January 12, 2012

CapitaMalls Asia: 20wMA, the resistance to watch.

If you think the title of this blog post looks familiar, it should be. ;)

If you look at the weekly chart of CapitaMalls Asia, you would know why:

Compare this with:
Capitaland: 20wMA, the resistance to watch.

Capitaland: 20wMA, the resistance to watch.

Quite a few people asked me what do I think of Capitaland as I have not said anything about it in a while. Well, if we look at the weekly chart, it is obvious that the downtrend is intact.

However, the higher low on the MACD which accompanies the lower low in price gives us a positive divergence. Being in the weekly chart, it suggests that we could see a recovery in price eventually.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hyflux: Early stage of trend reversal?

I was going to blog about Hyflux last night but I got home rather late. Anyway, Hyflux's share price has been rather bouyant. Immediate resistance at $1.28 is a relatively weak one but it does not mean that it cannot prevent price from going higher.

People sometimes ask me how do I tell if a resistance or support is weak or strong. If it was tested many times before, it is strong. If it was

Monday, January 9, 2012

Golden Agriculture: 3 signs of possible weakness.

I am waiting to add to my long position here. There are signs that price could see some weakness in time to come.

1. Formation of a gravestone doji today on much higher volume. This suggests that buyers were unable to beat sellers as market participants mostly chose to lock in gains.

2. Declining volume as price rose. Volume is the fuel that drives rallies. Without volume, rallies would

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saizen REIT: Acquisitions and long term loans.

Although I divested a large part of my investment in Saizen REIT, I still like the idea of owning freehold residential real estate in Japan where two thirds of its population rent the homes they stay in.

The Japanese Yen has strengthened against the S$ quite a bit and this could translate to higher income distribution in 2012 for unitholders. Add YK Shintoku's contribution to income

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

REITs, NOL, ARA and Hyflux.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend and is not missing the holidays too much.

The bullish movement in the stock market should put smiles on the faces of long holders. Has the bear been vanquished? I think it is too early to think so. So, we might want to make use of the bullish sentiment to lighten our long positions.

For me, I am still heavily invested in selected S-REITs as they